October 4, 2013
by Carmen

Carmspack Case;  date of birth Aug 2006.

Case is a medium sized,  richly pigmented sable,  sturdy female,  good bone,  very feminine expression .

Never had any issues, eats well, no allergies,  healthy balance between calm and relaxed and ready to go.

Case would make an excellent well mannered pet for a couple.  Will gladly lounge or will gladly take that long walk.  Easy to live with, easy to be with.  Just real nice, stable, confident dog that will present no worries.  She comes from a line known for longevity.  She has been x rayed hips and elbows and they are clear – no dysplasia .

She began her life as a dog selected for SAR.  Case went to all sorts of events and participated in parades,  charity functions – I have one picture of her at the fire hall posing in front of one of the big red fire trucks.  When she took the dog out for the beginning of training, her trainer/certifier told her she had to make her mind up – only one dog per one handler.  She called me heart broken.  I gladly brought Case home.

She is a special dog having produced so many top level,  much loved service dogs.

I would like to see her in a comfortable loving home where she will be cherished as an “only”  dog ,  the center of attention.

I am not asking anything for her – just insisting on a good home.



September 2, 2011
by Carmen
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Congratulations to Sue Coutts and Blast TD UTD

Welcome to the new There is still more updating to do, but we hope to have things well along within a few months.

I would very much like to congratulate Sue Coutts and her Carmspack Blast on their TD and UTD, at just two years of age! Sue is also the able trainer and handler of Carmspack Trust UDTX, HIC, Certified Therapy Dog, and Carmspack Spook TDX, a Kilo daughter.

You can see Sue and her crew here: