our_mission_r2_c3 It was my extreme good fortune that my first experience with a German shepherd dog left such a positive and indelible impression on me. Asta, an unregistered dark, grey sable shepherd, established the criterion of what should be and what could be. Through 16  years of vigorous health she was our faithful home protector and companion. When I ventured out into adult life, I thought that dogs like her were there for the picking. I came to the rude realization, after several attempts to find them, that the character and trainability intrinsic to my first dog were simply no longer the norm.
chella My direction was set when I chanced to meet a wiry, intense and plucky German shepherd female from a local kennel that put the emphasis on working ability. She was later bred to a male in which I had always been interested, and I committed myself to a female pup. I visited every week to observe their development, and when I made my choice I predicted that this dog WILL be an Obedience Grand Victrix. I was confident in my skills thanks to all the training Asta had allowed me to do with her, and I had complete confidence in this little female who came to be known as Carissima’s Viva Chella, who did indeed become the 1981 Obedience Grand Victrix with a score of 199.5/200. Nearly thirty years later the legacy of Chella still forms the backbone of Carmspack Kennels.

dog and boy My mission is unchanging. Carmspack breeds a well-rounded, versatile German Shepherd Dog that is by nature mentally and physically healthy and strong. It must be an attentive dog that is sociable and tolerant, yet totally able to protect if necessary. A Carmspack dog is bred first and foremost to be a working dog, sound in mind, emotions and body, through the integration of genetics, environment and nutrition.

Great consideration is given to the breeding scheme that produces Carmspack dogs. They must be able to work ion adverse weather conditions. They must be able to deal with difficult and stressful situations with purpose and determination. They must be able to respond to threat and pressure with courage. They must be resilient, able to persevere and overcome challenges, while remaining controllable by the handler, a quality that goes beyond being merely hard.
Preparing the Carmspack dog for work:
We utilize highly selective breeding to produce a balanced working dog. Often our breedings are from many generations of successful police and SAR service dogs. Particular attention is paid to their instinctive tracking ability and the desire to work cooperatively with the handler.
Young dogs are provided with a varied and enriched environment in which to meet and overcome challenges. They are evaluated for their potential and then guided in their development to allow their talents to flourish. We take them to marinas, beach boardwalks, Home Depot, Petsmart, downtown urban areas, trips on the bus and subway, and make use of events suc as parades and farmers’ markets, everything necessary to give them a broad life experience. Dogs intended for search work are given exercises that reward hunt and search drive. Visitors are welcome to visit and socialize with the dogs.
dogsrunning Carmspack is located on 10 acres that include two ponds, a meadow, groomed training areas, a stream and a little wood. Each “kennels” is 12’ by 12’ with three wooden sides. The dogs are given free exercise as well as being road worked beside a bike.
engine We are lucky to have a two story, 30’ by 50’ barn, fully finished inside. This facility is used to let the dogs show uninhibited, exploratory behaviour. There are stairs, rooms in which to hide a ‘bad guy’, a kitchen in which items can be hidden in drawers and cupboards, and where no one minds if the dogs counter surf. There is a washroom where things can be hidden in the tank. There are old sofas that dogs can search behind, under or between cushions. The downstairs has hay to the ceiling where we can toss a Kong and ask the dog to scramble up and crawl in the narrow space between ceiling and hay. The floor has grids of skids that are excellent ball searches and provide unusual footing. An old off-the-road van is used for searches beneath and inside the vehicle, on the roof and under the hood, with no concerns about damage.
autumn All dogs are thoroughly screened, and have been trained in all weather conditions and in night conditions. No dog is made to do something for which it is not suitable. Al dogs presented for police consideration are X-rayed hips and elbows prior to sale.
We guarantee our dogs to certify or we will refund or replace, buyer’s choice.