Digestive Aid & Natural Pet Treat for All Breed

What if eating the right food solved the problem?

Feed-Sentials family of canine superfoods can be part of the answer.


Ready to tear your hair out because you dog IS tearing his hair out?

Irritated skin, dry and flaky or wet and oozing accompanied by a musty odor. Sloppy stools, frequent diarrhea. Gas to clear the room. Bad breath. Gummy, goopy ears. Lack of energy. Dull coat. Sound familiar?

Help is on the way. Introducing the newest member of the Feed-Sentials family of K9 supplements. SUNDAY SUNDAE, the decadently good food, probiotic and digestiveaid for  your dog.

By this time you may have had a long struggle trying to bring relief to the torment that your dog has undergone. Damaging his skin in an effort to stop the intense itching, creating ideal conditions for secondary skin infections. You have changed food in an effort to find the “one” that was suitable. You have gone from brand to brand. Changed from protein to protein, from common to novel to finally downright exotic. From chicken, to lamb, to buffalo or ostrich or bush baby, and yet after a while the problem is still there. You have gone to the vet and your dog has been treated with antibiotics which do the job, only temporarily.

The non-selective, scorched earth approach has killed off all bacteria, beneficial as well as pathogenic. In a short while the original problem will persist and you may have acquired other problems. You will have had treatments with cortisone and prednisone, medicated shampoo, salves and balms.

The problem is that each time the symptom is treated, but NOT THE ROOT CAUSE.

And the root cause is that the dog’s digestive system has been over stressed and compromised. Whether recovering from some treatment which rightly required antibiotics, prolonged eating of foods deficient in minerals and insufficient in digestive enzymes, or being fed biologically inappropriate food full of preservative and “garbage”.

70% of immune health resides in the digestive system. Improper digestion and nutrient malabsorption allows large undigested protein molecules to escape into the blood stream where they are perceived as hostile invaders. The immune system responds on alert with a defensive attack mode. This creates histamines and an inflammatory  response which we lump under “allergies”. The entire immune system is involved
though. The pancreas is taxed, the adrenals are exhausted, the thyroid is depleted, joints get inflamed, the bowel becomes irritated, and there is a systemic problem with pathogenic bacteria and fungus getting out of balance and causing further physical damage. This is aging and may lead to greater problems, including cancer.

Sunday Sundae was created to address these problems. Recently there have been some really exciting results in university research proving that when an offensive protein is given with a digestive aid, eventually no allergic response results. The study involved people with severe peanut allergy. They were introduced to near non-existent levels of the peanut flour along with a digestive aid, yogurt. Over time the levels of the peanut flour increased, to the point that at the end of the study no problem existed and the person could cobble down handfuls of peanuts without ill effects, where previously a whiff of peanut could have been potentially fatal. The Swedish study was awarded millions of dollars in grants to continue with the research.

Even if your dog is otherwise healthy, great benefits can be derived from enzyme supplementation.

If your dog is getting up into his senior years, enzyme supplementation is beneficial.

Sunday Sundae has four direct sources of digestive enzymes and probiotics. One source is a 14 strain digestive enzyme blend plus goat whey matrix. The whey powder provides electrolytes, minerals and digestive enzymes. It is also a part of Feed-Sentials. Probiotics are provided by an 11 strain blend plus lacto fermented goat protein powered.

Digestive enzymes and probiotics to optimize nutrition and balance the immune system are only part of Sunday Sundae.

Some of the benefits of Sunday Sundae may not be immediately recognized. Sometimes the best benefits can only be appreciated well into the future as the problems that you have been able to avoid.

We have invited dogs into our lives. They share our lifestyles and unfortunately mirror our health challenges. Sadly, in the last 20 years the incidence of cancer is growing at an alarming rate, for us and our companion dogs. Some statistics state that one in three dogs will die of cancer. Some breeds are in a higher risk bracket. In this category are included golden and Labrador retrievers, Rottweilers, boxers, Bernese mountain dogs and Leonbergers. These are not geriatrics, but young dogs that should be in the prime of life.

Some foods have been identified as super foods. Feed-Sentials is a valuable part of a sensible whole food diet, rich in minerals, phytonutrients, and complex anti-oxidant. Feed-Sentials raises the plane of nutrition with plant based proteins and plant sourced calcium. Add to a good, clean source (hormone free) raw meaty bones diet, or an excellent quality of grain free kibble, as grains and sugars feed tumor growth.

Make Sh-Emp part of your dog’s diet. Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory and allows for intra-cellular exchange of nutrients and waste products. Virgin Coconut oil is anti-microbial.

The best course of action is prevention. Avoid grain based diets. These may have aflatoxin contamination, which in small doses may not kill your dog immediately, but may cause liver damage over time. Grain based diets may have carcinogenic acrylamides, inferior sources of protein, preservatives and unnecessary colorants.

Sunday Sundae is a good source of identified superfoods, high free radical scavenging anti-oxidants. The first ingredient is Organic Red Raspberry, high in anthrocyanins and catechins. Red raspberries are particularly high in ellagitannins that are converted to ellagic acid in the stomach. Of all the reapberry varieties, MEEKER red raspberries have the highest ratio of “ellagic acid”. This is what is found in Sunday Sundae. I suggest that you read some of the many scientific papers on ellagitannin, or ellagic acid. Raspberries also have allergy,
histamine reducing quercetin and are a good source of fibre.

Sunday Sundae fortifies the benefits of red raspberry by adding pure, very finely ground MEEKER red raspberry seed flour, a bioavailable source of ellagitannins.

Sunday Sundae has dried organic coconut flour that has medium chain fatty acids, which are said to be anti-tumour. Sh-Emp oil blend has another source of virgin coconut oil. Organic coconut flour, apple fibre, and apple pectin help elimination.

Sweet red beet powder is liver cleansing. Acerola powder has vitamin C, an anti-oxidant. Rosehips have complex vitamin C, complete with rutin and bioflavins, also found in Feed-Sentials. The list goes on and on. Each ingredient has a valuable purpose, for immediate health and as
a preventative for future benefits.

There is no product like Sunday Sundae.

If your dog does have food sensitivities, then you would want to give a serving of the supplement each and every time that you feed your dog. This ensures complete digestions. Do so until the problem is resolved, digestive powers are at their best, and gut flora is in balance.

Mix a portion of the rich raspberry based Sunday Sundae in a moist carrier, be it Kefir (Russian yogurt), yogurt, goat milk, cottage cheese, even non-chlorinated water. Never too warm. Heat destroys the living organisms, the digestive enzymes and probiotics. Give one half of your mixture. Wait 15 minutes. Now feed your dog his normal meal, the main course, preferably high quality raw nmeaty food or high quality kibble, with Feed-Sentials and Sh-Emp. After this nutritious main course wait 15 minutes and then provide the second half. This in essence prepares the body to receive the food, helps to digest and absorb, and the second half makes sure that there are no large undigested molecules which are not dealt with.

If your dog is doing well and you want to use Sunday Sundae as a once a week treat, or as a preventative, then give a larger portion once a week, for maintenance.

I hope that this has been of some interest. May all your problems be solvable. What if eating the right food is part of the answer?