Carmspack values the information that a pedigree offers. Our breeding program appreciates the planning that went into past generations, and believes that working traits do not suddenly appear, but must be maintained, selected for, each and every generation.
Carmspack Kilo, French Ring Brevet
Sire: Ulf v Haus Iris SchH3 FH, Dam: Idona v Haus Kuhn. Kilo was sire of multiple service dogs.
Strong natural tracking drives are preserved by selecting breeding stock which shows a strong deliberate heritage of superior tracking dogs. Police dogs also tend to come front bloodlines which have demonstrated a high percentage if dogs that can perform to those requirements.
Carmspack Katya OFA
Full sister to Kilo.


Carmspack has one foundation line which has been advanced generation by generation for over 30 years, incorporation fresh European working lines with tremendous results in producing police, SAR, specialized detection, and guide dogs. This old Carmspack line is built for confident, eager to work, very trainable dogs, with sound temperament and sound orthopedics. Most dogs are OFA good, some fair, some excellent, elbows clear.
Carmspack Beau
Beautiful Beau was a gentle bear and wonderful companion.
The Carmspack family contains some of the true greats of the breed. Marko Celleland, Racker Itztal, Uwe and Uran Kirschental, Urban Hopfenstrasse, Dix Maineiche, Held, Golf and Grand Ritterberg, Rex and Ulf Haus Iris, Roy Muritz,
Don Rolandsteich. The list is long.
Carmspack Petro
Sire: Grando v Meklenberger Buffel SchH3 FH


Carmspack has other working bloodlines that have been under management for fewer years but have definitely proven themselves in producing strong working dogs. These lines include Tino Felsenschloss, Zorro Laagerwall, Nesszel Antverpa, Gibsy Alten Wassermuhle, Link Muikenshof, Grando Haus Sevens, Asko Schloss Zweibruggen, (Fero Zeuterner Himmelreich), Mink Wittfield, Vyck Haus Antverpa, Xero Pohranicni Straze, Dargo Thuringer Kronjuwelen.
Carmspack Kato BH
Sire: Shawlein Easter Parade SchH3 TD OFA, Dam: Carmspack Kohl


Carmspack has a collection of good, strong, proven genetics for producing the Carmspack working dogs of the future, and over thirty years of experience for the years ahead.
Carmspack Kameshia
Sire: Carmspack Chill, Ontario Provincial Police service dog. Kameshia was a certified detector dog, and sister to OPP dog Taser.