Our priority at Carmspack is to produce German shepherd dogs able to enter the bona fide working world. This includes law enforcement and its various specialities (general service, narcotic and explosives detection), Search and Rescue, guide dogs for the blind, and therapy dogs.
  Carmspack in Policing:

Carmspack dogs “get the job done” in police departments across Canada and the USA where they are valued members of federal, state, provincial and major municipal police agencies. Many departments in both countries deploy several Carmspack bred dogs and have become repeat customers, with dogs certified for patrol and dual patrol/narcotics, and explosive detection. As well, Carmspack dogs are being utilized in the prison systems of both Canada and the US. Carmspack is proud of our dogs and the positive image they bring to police work with their participation in public relations and school visitation events. Carmspack dogs generate frequent positive comments on their superior tracking skills, sociability and their powerful commitment when bite work is necessary. Our dogs have garnered awards such as the Purina Service Dog of the Year earned by Carmspack Keanu with Metro Toronto PD Services. Much positive press coverage has been earned by our dogs for their services, including the location of a buried cache of $230,000, multi-man arrests, the recapture of a prisoner from Kingston Penitentiary and participation in Lackawana 6, an FBI raid in Buffalo.
Specific details and references are available to serious inquiries.
Carmspack and Security:

Carmspack dogs are used as estate guards and personal protection for celebrities and by many private security agencies for deterrent and front line control until
police can arrive.
Carmspack and SAR

Carmspack dogs are excelled in SAR in both Canada and the US, with several participating in RCMP certified civilian SAR teams. Carmspack SAR dogs work in many diverse
locations from the frozen northland of Alaska and the Yukon Territories, t0 rainy British Columbia and the deserts of Arizona.
therapy Carmspack and Assistance Therapy:

Over the years Carmspack dogs have assisted as therapy dogs for the physically handicapped and as hospital visitation dogs.
Carmspack in Entertainment:

Carmspack dogs have appeared on stage as Little Orphan Annie’s trusted dog Sandy, on David Suzuki’s The Nature of Things and the Canadian series Due South. They have
also been gracing the calendars produce by Brown Trout Publishing and beautifully photographed by Mark Raycroft.
Carmspack and Guiding

Carmspack dogs have completed the training programs of Canine Vision Canada to become
responsible Guide Dogs, and we are excited about recent interest in the
acquisition of Carmspack dogs by a well know American institution.
Carmspack and Sport:

Carmspack dogs have competed and multi-titled in CKC obedience, earning several Dog World Awards of Canine Distinction, the Sentry Challenge Award, the Benjamin Schultz
Award and the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada’s National Obedience Grand Victrix, in 1981. Carmspack dogs have also competed in Schutzhund at the
national level, French Ring, Campagne, and mondio-street, despite the fact that Carmspack dogs are not bred for sport. They are not overdrive dogs that look
good on the trial field but are impossible to live with. Our dogs are not hyperactive, low threshold dogs bred only for speed and flash.
pet Carmspack and the Pet Owner:

Nothing is more satisfying to us than to know that Carmspack dogs enhance the lives of their owners as companions and protectors. I appreciate the feedback and
friendships that haave resulted from allowing a furry four-foot from Carmspack through our door.